Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tom Otterness, Things Look Like Trash

Why is he still getting our money?
I am going to an extreme here, and I apologize but I want to make sure people know- asking that people, who love dogs, if given the chance to express extreme disgust at an artist named
Tom Otterness
Search this:

Back during Katrina I was so moved by people giving up food water clothing, BASIC human needs to hold their dogs above their heads to save them from the flood. We did massive relief efforts- I begged for boats and help and people traveled from all over the USA losing their income to help rescue the pets people were forced to leave behind when their very homes were ruined by those waves and their pets were taken from them- and people helped. Planes were chartered for the sole purpose of flying pets out of there. This is how much the people and the thousands that helped loved their pets- that they would be evacuated then run to phones to beg for their animal's safety.

I have only one tattoo and it's of my dog Pippin's name, a dog I grew with in life she was with me for 17 years and she was a better soul than some people I have had the displeasure of running into. I posted a story of a surfer risking riptides to save a dog's (not even his own dog!) life- this is how loved dogs are.

This "artist"'s work is all over NYC, still breeding like roaches- MY CITY like a calling card like a representative, and this is the kind of person he is. NO, what kind of person in ANY stage of their life would make a choice LIKE THAT. No Decent person I know. I am sickened, this is a person who gets PUBLIC FUNDS. Was he attacked? Forced to do this to live? No he did it for what he called "art". How cute Tom. This is a character trait, a type of person- would YOU have ever done something like this? This person is trash and on my forever list of people that are SCUM and our money is being used to pay him.

I do not want a human like this still getting our tax money representing my city in the subways, in parks, over hotel entrances being called a beloved Public artist, there are some things I cannot forgive and he found it. No I will not "forgive" you. The only thing YOU are SORRY for is that anyone knows what you really are.

I have sent this on to many (ASPCA, PETA, Governor and a White House contact) will send to many more:

Dog killer artist gets paid our Tax money ?
Tom Otterness is a dog killer. Think of the hundreds of thousands of dollars he gets for each piece of his "art" and then I think of how shelters and services for animals have to beg for donations. He made an innocent dog think he was adopted and would have a safe home then he gets murdered for this guy's sick pleasure.

<<"Journalist Gary Indiana criticized Otterness for an independent work done while part of the East Village art scene in the mid-eighties called "Shot Dog Piece", in which Otterness "adopted a dog and then shot it to death for the fun of recording his infantile, sadistic depravity on film">>

His apology is only because he has been busted recently on blogs and rings hollow since he is probably afraid his free money will dry up. How is it he was never punished under law for this? Why is he continually being rewarded TAX DOLLARS from our hard work to support him? Does he give hundreds of thousands back to the shelters? Why is he still being paid our money and shelters struggle? He gets to kill on a whim and be rewarded? Why is he still here? I want the ANIMALS to get his ill gotten gains now, he is not who I pay taxes for!

I just thought you should know about this in case you didn't. Next time you need funds for something and can't get them just think of Tom Otterness getting handed six digit funds and then go to your govenerment rep and ask why are we being forced to pay for a dog killer. I want his money to go the the rescued pets and homeless animal services.
C Merry
East Village NY

Tom darling can't be bothered? So this Brooklyn eyesore isn't even new? It's just a knock-off recycle of his Beverly Hills piece from 2005/06?


Click this. Since the text link might break.

Wow he can't be bothered to use our Taxes to conjour something new! Seriously is this psycho just laughing at everyone as he counts his free money and fairytales and sculpts himself into his work? Who else are all those money bag creatures supposed to be?


sounds funny said...

There's a point when the quality of the person completely overwhelms the quality of the art. When the person proves to be as despicible as Tom Otterness (who's work I used to appreciate), the work becomes nauseating to look at. His apologies are empty. Unless he sacrifices, significantly, to helo those he once hurt, he's a disgrace to the very idea of creativity.

Tom said...

If he'd committed, and been convicted of, the kind of crime for which the justice system normally operates, I can see how he could "pay his debt to society" and the episode would be behind him. Is there any way he can put this behind him, though? What credible, widely-accepted recompense could he offer that he could be sure would pay that debt? At some point he deserves, not necessarily forgiveness (which is a subjective personal act), but to be recognized as having made amends. I see escalating shrillness about what he did a quarter-century ago, but I don't see a credible route to closure, for him, or for his critics. Any ideas?

Happy LOL Day said...

He can retire from taking Public Money and student fees for one. There is a certain feeling of theft if we pay into supporting arts with taxes then a committee he has charmed says yes to giving him millions - if every tax payer knew the way he launched himself, killing an innocent dog for attention, then he would not get the money. I highly doubt college kids and parents would appreciate hundreds of thousands of their dollars going to support him- some probably struggle very hard to pay for college- he kills at their age-older even- and makes art- you really think they'd agree to paying for that if they knew the facts and were given the choice? To just take our money to support him is wrong. He certainly has enough that he can live off of the commissions of people that don't care that he killed an innocent creature to get attention. I would like the choice NOT to pay him and since that isn't set up it would be HUGE if he just stopped his free-money schemes.

GIVE BACK. He made millions off the blood of a poor dog he killed and this is what gave him attention and now he is using it to cash in. How much more money does he need? What are his plans that he needs millions- give up a huge chunk of it to honor the species he killed to start his career. Make Logan Park into a dog run and donate all of the proceeds back to supporting it- or donate to support a shelter for decades or more, do something BIG for animals not some tiny check but what looks like it really HURT the precious cash, donate millions to support rescue and spay and make sure that people know he is now the literal saint of dog rescue, a man on a mission to make sure people never harm animals and let those all important numbers mean something so people see he is not about the free cash anymore but really caring about dogs and other animals.

WHERE? Where is the dog he killed? Buried? Buy the lot and make it into a pet memorial/cemetary that he funds. Thrown out? Did it even have a name? Use his prodigious skill at getting government money to fund animal concerns and just do that for decade or more- be the super fund-raiser for the dogs along with giving his own money.

I am just going to stop now because this is easy, this is obvious, why would there even be a question of WHAT he could do when the question is- he could have done something all these years and NEVER DID- WHY? His apology is useless, since he frankly does not seem sorry just throwing some words out there to silence people and it's worked in the past. People let it slide, he gets more money. He knows what he could do, but probably won't because the truthful compassion is not there, no decent person would have ever done what he did, he doesn't want his money to get taken away and used on animals, he isn't a saint, he likes his attention and big government checks. The big shock would be if he actually did so something- but I would wonder what money he is getting for it. Tom can find forgiveness in acting extreme as he did to launch himself- to now help, but the kind of person who kills to get attention would probably kill before he ever gave it or the money he nabbed back. No little check or words will solve it, you know that, but anyone can sense he probably isn't willing to do anything much, he never felt bad enough in all these years to do anything so what can we expect. More of the same.

He can repair this but he doesn't seem to be the type. Sell off all your worldly goods Tom and give the proceeds to animal concerns then live your life defending them raising money for them... LOL That will be the day he finds actual forgiveness.

Happy LOL Day said...

*correction, Logan Square (he is poetentially getting 5 million to make a park there in Philadelphia)