Friday, September 12, 2008

Malan Breton Spring 2009 Fashion Week Show 9/11 2008

Bryant Park, Fashion Week 2008
It was still dark at 6am when I got to Bryant Park

Side entrance to the Salon

Manhattan Skyline over Bryant Park

Side entrance Salon

Runway waiting for fashion

Waiting for the racks to arrive

Malan before the make-up and hair craziness

Make-up and Hair beginning

Racks of fashions arriving

Amanda Fields arrives

Waiting for models

Calm before the storm

Fashion Model order and garments

Getting ready logo being added lights tested

DJ arrives

FIT students filling gift bags

Make-up and hair

Starbucks coffee and goodies arrive

Malan begins to open the bags

Make-up and hair in full swing

Malan watches make-up and Hair

Doing interviews and giving backstage glimpses :)

The Interviews begin and don't stop

Photographers and press everywhere

First Model fitted

Model fitted 2

Model with Malan checking details


More interviews

Watching the screen test walks

Waiting to test walk

Malan waits for the walk-through

First model in walk-through

Amanda Fields walk-through

Waiting for models ready to go

Dressing and Interviews all at once

Gorgeous fashions going on

Malan Watches every detail

Amanda Fields and gorgeous gown

Amanda Fields laughing

Sweet Pea visits Amanda Fields

Sweet Pea interviews Malan

Amanda Fields does an interview

Backstage action, interviews and prep

Jewelry 1

Jewelry 2

Jewelry 3

Amanda Fields Jewelry 4

Patiently waiting

Jewelry 5 Great Expression

Jewelry 6

Jewelry 7

Jewelry 8

Hair and Make-up Genius

Jewelry 9

Models helping models

Amanda Fields and friends, students

Jewelry 10

Almost ready to walk

Make-up and Hair artist

Make-up and Hair creation

Jewelry 9a

Jewelry 10

Time to go!

Amanda Fields Runway Walk and backstage

Great finale walk at the end of a great show

Malan with Ronnie from Make Me a Supermodel

Malan with Alex and Simon of Real Housewives of New York City

Amanda Fields and T-Bone, Laura and The Scarlet stars of BPR

Hotel AKA Model cards
I was pretty busy at this penthouse show and do not have many pix, my hands were full of jewelry fashion and keeping stray men in suits out of the model's dressing room! It was beautiful, a wonderful night and yes Shannon from Make Me a Supermodel was one of the models there- so tall and gorgeous in real life too :)

After Hotel AKA show Malan relaxed with friends

Hotel AKA lovely penthouse deck

Hotel AKA's funny water tower on deck

Hotel AKA penthouse deck club lighting

Malan after a long great day

Dancing at Hotel AKA

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